Merlin Big Bang Art for "Coming Up" by Thursday Next
Front Cover:

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Meet Merlin:

Meet Gwen:

Meet Arthur:

Skipping school:

Oh <3

You already know I love the cover with all the fantastic details, the band posters, the untidy drawers in the background, Merlin's Suede t-shirt! Merlin's face! Arthur's 90s boyband hair! (This is just going to be a series of exclamation marks...)

It makes me happy that you picked the skipping school scene to illustrate, I think that's my favourite scene in the fic. I love that Merlin has his guitar with him and his shirt untucked.

The new ones! I love how they're little introductions to the characters, and they're all sort of comic-book-ish, it reminds me of the opening credits to Grange Hill which fits so well with the nineties theme. 'Meet Merlin' is my favourite, with the music coming out of the car, that's such a nice touch.

Thank you for picking my fic to work with and doing such a great job with the art <3

hi agaiin (i was just over in your lj leaving a comment :D)

Thank youu for writing the lovely story! And thanks for the lovely comment, I'm so glad you liked the drawings! I wish I'd done more :( there were so many more scenes I would have loved to illustrate (but I have this terrible relationship with deadlines. My productivity just drops drastically as soon as a deadline exists.)

Yay, beach scene! It was one of my fave scenes from the fic too! And it was the most vivid in my head as I was reading. I hope I caught the atmosphere of the scene.

This was so much fun, I'm so happy I participated!

These are amazing! I love your attention to detail and how it fits brilliantly with the feel of the fic.

I have to agree with Thursday, the skipping school scene is one of my favourites too and it's wonderful to see it illustrated xD

Thank you! Beach scene was one of my faves too so I had just had to draw it :D

I love the watercolor, perspective and creative layout (particularly Meet Merlin).

Very unique and creative. Thank you.

Thank you, I'm so happy you like it!

Oh, wow, these are so lovely! I adore the front cover and all the detail in it.

:D Thanks! The front cover was so much fun to draw, I'm so glad you like it!

My God, I LOVE your style! Your compositions have such depth to them. First glance may seem sparse, but then all the details, all the subtle colours and shades, the seemingly random squiggles honing to a finely-executed, emotionally evocative focus — I am sitting her in awe of your talents. Well done!

Thank you for the lovely comment, I'm so glad you like! (It's my first time posting drawings, omg getting feedback is so awesome, I never knew :D)

You have a really fantastic style - I love it!

Thank you, glad you liked them.

These are so gorgeous! I love the fluidity, the colour, the gorgeous depictions of their faces. Really exciting to see something like this- you have such a unique style! So beautiful. I really love "Skipping School", and the way their feet dissolve into shadows, plus the lovely vista behind them. Fantastic effort! <3

Yay, thank you for the lovely comment! Glad you liked the last drawing, the long shadows were actually a ploy to get out of drawing Merlin's feet, haha, but I think it all worked out in the end :D

Really wonderful job capturing the 90s vibe! Nice!

Haha, thanks. I had fun with the 90s vibe.

The semi-messy room is great and I loved the last one with the long shadows. Well done.

Wow, you have a very distinct and cool style. I love that cover!!

Haha, thanks, I had so much fun drawing that cover!

That's a pretty awesome style you have, thank you :D ♥

Thank you for commenting!

You have such an unique and interesting style to your work, I am really amazed! Beautiful and awesome! :D

I'm so glad you like it! And thank you for the lovely comment (getting comments is amazing! Who knew? :D)

I love these! Love the combination of (what looks like) pen and ink and watercolor, and the compositions.

Yay! Glad you like! (Yup, pen and ink and watercolour.)

wow! I love the style you used for this! And the colors really give it that 90s vibe ;D
Great work!!


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